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Participants and staff at Community Link know Ricky as a charming, caring and fun person to be around, but he wasn’t always so outgoing.

As a boy, Ricky was really quiet and shy. He was uncomfortable around a lot of people.

Community Link has helped him grow out of that. As he began making friends and interacting with others, his personality blossomed. At just 21 years old, Ricky started attending Community Day Services (CDS) at our Metro location in Fairview Heights. He participated in many activities throughout the day, making art, learning new skills, and keeping physically active.

When Ricky was ready to begin life as a more independent adult, he moved into a Community Link’s Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) home. Ricky’s lifestyle in the CILA has helped him mature. He stays busy with responsibilities around the house, but he also gets to have a lot of fun and bond with staff and housemates.

Ricky now attends CDS at our Breese East location. Like many participants at Community Link, Ricky now works five days a week. At the East building in Breese, Ricky is assembling parts with other participants.

Ricky is very meticulous about his work. He always had the motivation to do well, but Community Link helped him focus that drive on his main tasks and become great at completing them.

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At Community Link, we strive to provide our participants the necessary tools and support to become more independent, and Ricky is a prime example of that. Through his work, his social activities and his responsibilities living in a CILA, he has blossomed into the outgoing individual that he is today.

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