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Participants and staff at Community Link know Brennan as positive, kind and caring person with a big heart. He has always had this attitude, but after a big life change this year, his positivity has amplified, as he feels he has begun "living his best life."

Brennan and his family have always known and loved Community Link. When he visited the Community Link East building for the first time in 2007, he knew he wanted to work here, but neither Brennan nor his family knew how much of a positive impact this job or this organization would have on him.

Most of the 15 years Brennan has been working at Community Link, he has lived with his uncle, Mark. While Mark really enjoyed having Brennan stay with him, he could tell Brennan needed a little more independence. But Brennan also wanted to stay in the town where he was raised.

Because Brennan was so successful in our day program, Mark began to look at our CILA homes for Brennan. He saw that a Community Link home provided the perfect balance of care, companionship and independence. Brennan would also have opportunities to explore the community he loves.

After patiently waiting, Mark got the call. The home that was a great fit for Brennan had an opening. Brennan was thrilled to learn that he was going to live with his coworkers who had become his best friends. Mark was going to miss Brennan, but felt relieved that Brennan was going to be well taken care of in a place that made him happy.

You have made it possible for Brennan to move into his new home. Thank you! Please consider a year-end gift today so Brennan and his housemates can continue to flourish in our community.

While Brennan is already a very positive and caring person, living in our CILA has given him a channel to be independent. He lives his life the way he wants, which has only made him happier and more positive. He is flourishing and with you by our side he will continue to do so!

Brennan is just beginning his journey to independence. Your heartfelt contribution today ensures that Brennan and his friends continue living their best lives. Please consider making a lasting difference by joining our special community of committed partners who give every month.

Thank you for creating opportunities for individuals like Brennan and all the participants at Community Link in living their best lives!

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