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Paul has been a member of our Community Link family since he started at our day program many years ago. You know that it takes a big extended family to care for an individual with developmental disabilities, and we are asking you to become a part of our family with your year-end gift this season.

Paul’s parents, Marilyn and John, and his older siblings have banded together to provide Paul with every opportunity to learn, grow, and be happy since he was very young. Many times, Paul’s parents reached out to family and friends with children with developmental disabilities to find information for support, or find out what Paul’s “next step” might look like.

When Paul began attending Community Link Day Services, it was a relief for his family and gave him more options to spend his days the way he wanted.

It can be difficult to know where to turn to ensure loved ones with developmental disabilities find happiness and stability. These joys can be found at Community Link. Because of you, our cherished participants are living meaningful lives.

Will you consider making a year-end gift today to provide more possibilities?

In 2021, a spot had opened for Paul in a Community Link CILA home. This was not an easy decision, as Marilyn and John were not sure they were ready to have Paul move yet, but decided it was time.

Just a few months after Paul settled into his new home, his father passed away. It was a difficult time, but Marilyn was thankful for the peace of mind that Paul was in good care. Family and friends honored John’s memory with donations used for patio furniture and a memorial bench where Paul and his housemates could sit on their front porch.

Paul’s CILA home has quickly become just that, his home. A place where he enjoys living with others, where his family can visit anytime. When you give to Community Link, you are a part of our family.

This holiday season, we humbly ask for your support to continue creating a warm and nurturing space for Paul and others in our Community Link family. Your donation will bring a sense of belonging and happiness.

Thank you for being a part of our family, and creating possibilities for Paul and all of the participants at Community Link!

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