GEMs Club

What are GEMs?

GEMs are our special community of committed partners who make a lasting difference in our mission to provide high-quality services to individuals with development disabilities. Join this group simply by giving to Community Link automatically with your bank account or credit card every month.

Why donate monthly?

  • It's efficient: Your consistent, reliable income stream makes it possible for us to plan ahead with confidence and reduces administrative costs.
  • It's flexible: Monthly giving can accommodate any budget. You can increase, decrease or cancel your gift at any time.

When you become a GEM giving $15 or more per month, you will receive a set of classic glass mugs boldly displaying the core values of Community Link: Dignity, Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Unity. We hope you will use or display them to remind you of these core values you make possible every day.

To become a GEM, fill out the information below, and click the Show my support by making this a monthly donation box. If you have any questions, please contact Michelle at 618-526-3989.