Community Link is Listening

March 20, 2024

Community Link is Listening

Breese, IL – On March 8, Community Link held a staff in-service day focused on informing and hearing staff as the organization develops its strategic plan for the future. The highlight of the day featured a panel of Community Link participants who were asked questions and shared their thoughts directly to staff in attendance.

The panel, which included Community Link participants Mike, Brandy, Shannon, and Diana, answered questions about their favorite things to do and what they thought about new offerings within program activities. The panel members were asked if they felt the organization was listening to them and what kinds of changes they would like to see.

While the panel continues to enjoy their workshop opportunities, they expressed interest in engaging more with their community for recreation and work. Many were interested in new learning opportunities in cooking, art, reading, and math. Once they completed the Q&A, a video was shown of additional participants sharing their views from other Community Link program locations.

As opportunities and regulations change for individuals with developmental disabilities, Community Link is evolving to provide more independence and more choices. Based on feedback from Community Link participants, the organization will continue to reach out to local businesses to provide recreation, learning, and work opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities. To discuss how your business could be involved, contact Laurie Henken, director of adult day programs at

John Huelskamp, Community Link executive director stated, “Community Link is a listening organization. We were founded by families over 52 years ago who wanted more opportunities for their loved ones with developmental disabilities to experience the satisfaction of working and earning a paycheck. Today, we uphold those values and are committed to providing even more variety with opportunities offered, to ensure that every individual is living their best life.”

Community Link is dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities through a person-centered approach that promotes self-directed living choices and community integration opportunities. The mission of Community Link is to offer opportunities for growth and independence for people with developmental disabilities. For more information visit